Your body’s ability
to heal is greater
than you have been
permitted to believe.







Michelle Donaldson

Reiki Master

Healing is my path and my passion.  After a long journey since the passing of my mother … one of grief, anxiety, depression and many health issues … finding peace and balance through Reiki and meditation was key to a healthy new “Me”. Through classes, research and lots of practice I am proud to be able to offer my services to you.

Let me help you relax and find your balance or rejuvenate your energy with an essential chakra clearing.

For those of you new to energy healing, it is not a replacement to medical advice or procedures, rather it compliments other modalities. If nothing else, a relaxing Reiki session will reduce your stress levels and help you to leave the chaos behind for a while.  Hope to see you soon…Namaste!!


rei [soul, spirit] and ki [vital energy]

I know how hard it is to deal with grief, anxiety and all life’s stresses.
During these difficult times your chakras can get blocked and your energy can’t flow properly causing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to get way off balance. When this happens your body starts to show signs of stress through pain or emotional upsets. This is where using healing energy can help.

Reiki can be hands on or off depending on the client and if the practitioner is using Reiki touch therapy too. Reiki means universal life energy in Japanese. It is healing energy that flows from source through the practitioner to you. The energy then helps your energy centers start to flow so your body can heal on its own. Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music or sound vibrations to improve your physical or emotional health as well as your whole well-being. This may involve listening to specific background music or using various instruments like tuning forks or singing bowls. The weighted tuning forks are used on the body to work on specific physical issues. All of this is done fully clothed and in a relaxing environment. A combined Reiki and Sound Healing session is a wonderful and healing experience making it a wonderful way to spend an afternoon…

Reiki Energy Healing

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Laura Hess

No matter which session that I’ve tried, it has been a relaxing and totally beneficial experience. I come away feeling more energized, grounded and positive. I highly recommend Michelle and her ‘healing hands’.

Laura Hess

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Phone: 613 848-9783